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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a telephone available for help with problems?
    the helpline telephone number is:
    923 294500 Ext. 1111
    Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. and from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.

  • Who can use the wireless network of the University of Salamanca?
    The University’s wireless network can be used by all those who belong to the University community and those guests who have been authorized.
    The only requirement for authorization in the network is to have an e-mail address. To activate it you can consult the "Soy Nuevo" section of the portal

  • Can students bring their laptop or PDA and connect here?
    Yes, as we explained in the answer to the above question. You just need an e-mail address and of course you have to be in an area with coverage.

  • I have a wireless connection at home. How can I configure that of the USAL and not lose my configuration for home?
    Let’s say you have a laptop with Windows XP
    1. Check to see if your home configuration in TCP/IP has a DHCP. To do this, go to:
    - Control Panel, Network, right-click on Network Connections and select Properties.
    - TCP/IP: Properties.

    Configuración de RED. Pestaña. TCP/IP . Propiedades

    - If everything is marked as dynamic in this section

    Configuración Obtener IP y DNS de forma dinámica

    all you have to do is configure the USAL network as explained on the page Wireless Network Connection with Windows XP and when you get to the screen that says available wireless networks, select the network that you are interested in.

    - 2. If you have a fixed IP at home, then you have to go to the properties of the TPC/IP and on the General tab put:

    Pestaña General del TCP/IP:Obtener la IP automáticamente

    and on the alternative configuration tab

    Pestaña configuración alternativa, introducir la IP y el DNS

    You should enter the data from your home configuration in this window:
    subnet mask
    primary dns
    alternate dns (optional)

  • Now I’m connected. Can I now access a folder that’s in my office computer and print it?
    You can access the same resources in the same way you would with a wired connection to the University of Salamanca. The only requirement is that you should be authorized for the USAL-Nebrijanetwork.


  • I am connected to USAL’s wireless network but keep getting disconnected.What can I do

This may be due to problems with your wireless card driver, which must be updated. Some of the most popular cards that have this problem are theIntel PRO/WIRELESS 2200BG and the PRO/WIRELESS 3945ABG




  • When I get to Properties of the Wireless Network I can’t select the WPA option





You have to see whether your wireless card can take WPA. This information can be found in the instructions to your card. If it is integrated into your laptop it can be verified by looking up the model of the card on the Internet.

Links to the main manufacturers:


Acer :


HP :

Sony :


Intel: /

Broadcom :


  • I believe I have everything properly configuredbut when I try to connect I get a message that says “intentado autentificar”/”Trying to authenticate ” and it doesn’t connect


In this case go back to the security certificate installation and check whether the following tab is well-marked:   




  • When I goto “Wireless Network Properties” the “Wireless Networks” tab doesn’t appear




Sometimes if we have the wireless card software installed it deactivates the network service that makes it possible for Windows to manage the wireless networks.

To activate it, go to the services through Start up/Control panel/Administrative tools/Services and deactivate those referring to the card’s software and activate




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